Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera


Elected to the Council on November 6th, 2012, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is a well-known public servant, community activist, entrepreneur and innovator. She was the first Economic Developer for the City of Doral and served until July 24th 2012 where she stepped down to run for City Council.  Currently Bettina owns her private business, Bettinara Enterprises in the City of Doral providing public, speaking, training and consulting. She has over 25 years of professional experience in business and community involvement, leadership building and entrepreneurial skills. She is a longtime community activist working on important local matters such as business development, emergency preparedness, women’s issues and human rights as well as international issues. Bettina is focused on advancing the economic transformation of the City Of Doral. She is committed to the continued balanced development of Doral, creating jobs and cementing the city’s reputation as the epicenter of international trade and commerce, and a top destination for travel and tourism. Bettina believes in interactive government and the empowerment of its citizens.

Personal Development
Bettina is a Cuban exile, immigrating to the United States as an infant with her mother and older brother who sustained the household. She began working at the age of 13 to help with family expenses, as her father was a Cuban political prisoner and wasn’t reunited with the family until she was 17 years old. Bettina graduated from high school early and helped put herself through college by starting her first business at the age of 19. Bettina graduated from Miami Dade College and continued her education at Florida International University earning degrees in Psychology and Social Work. She holds certificates from the University of Miami on Budget and Financial Management, Leadership certificate from Harvard School of Government through the National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) fellowship as well as Crosby Quality College and Stephen Covey University. Bettina is a proud mother of two grown children.

Public Service
Dedicated to improving her community, she interned at Miami Dade Welfare department and upon graduation; Bettina began a 17-year career working within Miami-Dade County. She started as a social worker and quickly ascended through the ranks working in multiple departments including the County Manager’s office and serving as an ombudsman, helping citizens cut the many levels of governments’ red tape.

City of Doral
Continuing her unquestionable commitment to her local community, in 2008 she started working for the City of Doral as the Economic Development Coordinator. She wrote the strategic business plan outline for Doral’s economic development, which continues to be implemented today. Among her achievements are the development of collateral materials, such as the “ Economic Snapshot, 42 pages Business and Community Guide,  detailed economic reports such as Doral Business Census, Comprehensive Economic Analysis, innovative programs as the Spend Local, Stay Local , Social Fridays in as well as incentive initiatives as are the Doral Design District –Brownfield incentive the Façade initiative and policies aimed at helping the city achieve new levels of commerce and industry. Her work has aided Doral in being the best place to Live, Work, Learn and Play.  Bettina slogan DORALIZE your life is symbolic of the community feel that we all call home.

In 1993 she began a non-profit organization focused on inspiring and mentoring local entrepreneurs the center provided incubator offices, training and workshops these efforts assisted over 600  start-up  small businesses.

World of Business
Bettina has re-entered the world of private business. Utilizing her winning track record of over 10 years  she started her own company, Bettinara Enterprises, Inc. Helping citizens understand the over-complicated world of government and assisting in obtaining business loans, minority certification, incentives and other government programs.  Her success coaching businesses and individuals helped launch an international career, providing training to government officials, companies and organizations abroad and at home. She developed the first leadership certificate program in Spanish for the University of Miami’s Koubeck Center. Bettina has developed and conducted over 10 different training programs in four different continents; including Albainia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Lithuania, Africa, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic, United States and others.

Awards and Distinctions
On December 2013, Bettina recived several recognitions among them, she was named Global Ambassador to the “Proudly to UNITE Program of Civil Society to end violence, in addition she  received a letter of recognition from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon congratulating her for her initiatives to introduce and pass the First Resolution in the Nation for the support of Orange Day and the UNITE Program of the Secretary General of the United Nation to end violence against women and girls. And lastly, she was selected “Mujer Imagen” Public Sector / Woman Without Limits, for her life long support for Human Rights, Economic Development and Women Empowerment.
Ms. Rodriguez Aguilera was selected-FIU-Distinguished Alumnae in 1994, she is current board member of Safe Space Women Shelter Foundation and the Rotary Club of Doral.  In the past she has coordinated and/or assisted in hurricane or natural disaster relief efforts for multiple countries, she has and participates in business and chamber groups, Women of Tomorrow-Ronald Reagan High School-Doral, National Hispana Leadership Institute Fellow. Was past state president of  LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) for two years and was inducted in the LULAC Women’s Hall of Fame. She has been honored with the Mujer Fenomenal-Mujer Magazine, Flag erected in US Congress for contributions to the Business Community, Citizen of the year 2010, Doral News,, Vanidades-Han Triunfado, Cromos-Distinguished figure, Hispanic Magazine, Miami Herald Editorial-Passing along her experience, Received Proclamations and Certificate of Recognition from Miami-Dade County, Hialeah, Doral, Lithuania, Albania, Dominican Republic and others.